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The 2020 iPad Pro Is Making It's Way To My House As We Speak...

2:02 - Talking about my iPad Pro video and that "wrong keyboard" order 8:07 - How has the pandemic affected DAILYTEKK? 11:44 - Getting to the Apple news... 11:54 - Will iPhone 12 be released on time? 12:41 - Netflix and YouTube limiting streaming quality in Europe... 15:30 - With WWDC kinda in limbo... let's talk about upcoming software changes! 25:27 - Why (how) are cameras in Macs still this terrible?! 27:29 - How Apple's gonna do smart glasses without a camera... 32:32 - Conan is now shooting from home on an iPhone... 34:44 - Cardiogram on your Apple Watch and monitoring COVID-19 35:49 - Apple released new colors for iPhone & iPad cases, Apple Watch bands... 37:15 - You can now share iTunes movies with friends? 39:18 - Will the government use our phone location data to track COVID-19? 43:04 - Apple closed all it's retail stores "indefinitely" 45:01 - Movies are coming directly to our homes and skipping theatures now... 47:07 - 8 Apple products make the list of the top 100 greatest modern designs 48:57 - Somethig to do while you're stuck at home....

The iPhone 12 "Supercycle" Is Coming... But APPLEHYPE.com Is Here NOW!

0:21 - APPLEHYPE.com is here... 8:39 - The Reeder app and RSS feeds... 12:47 - SquareSpace billing annoyance... 15:29 - Advice for getting started as a content creator 20:57 - WWDC 2020... canceled? Virtual? Rescheduled? 29:25 - Apple now allowing ads in notifications... what? 35:17 - Apple Maps is going to start pumping out editorial content? 38:55 - OPPO's Apple Watch copy... 42:48 - PhoneSoap... 46:43 - Researchers can now hijack Siri with inaudible cues... 49:19 - The coming iPhone 12 supercycle

You're REALLY Gonna Want Apple's Next iPad Pro Keyboard...

1:15 - I've been up to something... (pre-announcement announcement?) 5:49 - Zero... my new app obsession which you'll want to download FAST 10:51 - Can you ever have TOO MUCH screen real estate at your desk? 17:50 - Quick AirPods Pros update (they're fixed!) 19:43 - Read it later apps rant... (Instapaper and Pocket) 24:12 - Getting into the Apple news... 24:36 - Next iPad Pro Smart Keyboard will have a trackpad? 30:10 - Rian Johnson says a funny thing about iPhones in movies... 32:06 - The new form of Wifi that could lead to Apple's AR glasses? 34:40 - iPad Touch and Apple Arcade? 36:07 - Warren Buffet got an iPhone... 37:03 - Apple's big switch from Intel to ARM

I Want A Tesla, But I Don't Cause...

0:49 - I'm making a public Apple Music playlist... 2:56 - My Sliced Apple update 6:38 - How coming up with 10 video ideas daily has changed EVERYTHING 11:29 - I'm curious about the Galaxy S20... 17:37 - Starting to think about an electric vehicle 20:20 - Tech induced FOMO 23:24 - Subscription car services? 28:26 - Coronaviras might change Apple's iPad Pro plans... 34:08 - Pandora's new Apple Watch app... 36:26 - Wait, do I want a Peloton? 38:26 - A cool new Apple Pencil patent (I'll keep it brief) 40:08 - Apple to allow third party apps to replace defaults on iOS

My AirPods Pro Broke...

So much to talk about. The theme song is back (shout out Tray Little). This one's a wide ranging episode from talking about my new shoes to the latest Apple news and what happened to my AirPods Pro (insert sad face emoji here).

My Favorite Apple Watch Band & More (Recorded on 16" MBP Mics!)

In this episode (which I recorded on the 16" MacBook Pro's internal "podcast quality" mics) I talk about my new favorite Apple Watch band, Google copying AirDrop, new Apple products that are supposedly right around the corner, skyrocketing iPad sales and MUCH more!

iPhone SE 2 Coming Soon, New iMac Design (Finally), Backlit iPad Keyboard & More!

Wow, I packed a lot of Apple news into this episode! From Siri becoming your smart chauffeur to Apple's new Apple Watch gym partnership to a new iPhone Pro color rumored to be coming and LOT'S more, this is a fun episode...

"Pro Mode" Coming To Macs, Dedicated Gaming Mac Rumor, Vertical TVs & More

I'm back! I know it's been several weeks, but The AfterParty returns in full force starting NOW! In this episode: Apple stuff, a channel update and some BTS info!

My New 16" MacBook Pro Is Broken...

I was excited to harness the power of the (basically) maxed out 16" MacBook Pro I custom ordered but then the crashes and freezes started... that and lots more to talk about in this week's episode.

Your iPhone Is Tracking Your Location (Even If You Think It's Not!)

So you're iPhone is tracking your location even if you don't want it to... what does Apple (ya, THAT Apple that's all about privacy) have to say? What do I have to say? This is just one of several interesting topics we're hitting this week!

My 16" MacBook Pro Configuration

I ordered a new 16" MacBook Pro and I wanted to talk specs and what I got and why. Also: Tesla Cybertruck, Apple iPhone Battery Case and iPhone video capabilities being underrated.

Apple Watch Pro?

We have an iPhone Pro, we have AirPods Pro, we have pro Mac and iPad models... so why is the Apple Watch still relegated to amateur status? Could we see an Apple Watch Pro in the future and if so, what would it do? We talk about this and several other topics in this week's episode!

Apple's Deep Fusion Tech: Good In A Disappointing Way?

Deep Fusion was one of the iPhone 11 event announcements I was most excited about. Now, with iOS 13.2 it's here and it's... a bit underwhelming (to me anyways). I this episode I talk all about Deep Fusion along with whether or not people will be buying/owning 2 sets of AirPods like Tim Cook suggested, the Apple Arcade game I've gotten most into so far and whether you should choose Beats Solo Pros or AirPods Pro.

How To Get The Most Out Of Siri Shortcuts

When I showed a Siri Shortcut that connects my iPad/iPhone to my AirPods with one super fast tap people freaked out. I talk about that and a lot more in this episode.

Apple's Smart Ring Plans

Apple just won a patent for a smart ring with a touch screen that might be able to replace a mouse, keyboard or touch screen as an input device and, well, I'm intrigued!

Rentable HomePods, Leaked Apple Watch Sleep App, Ultimate Apple Services Bundle - AfterParty 002

What if you could rent a HomePod? Is Apple planning an official sleep app for the Apple Watch? Are we finally going to get an Apple Prime bundle with ALL Apple's services? We're exploring these topics and more in this version of The AfterParty!

Apple & Design, AirPods 3 Leak, Series 5 Battery Life Controversy & More - AfterParty 001

The AfterParty is back and it's here to stay! Look for it every Friday! Mark it on the calendar, subscribe in your favorite podcast app, share it with your friends. Welcome to The AfterParty...

When To Buy Apple Products

In this episode I give an update on the original studio before talking about when the right time to buy Apple products might be so that you don't regret it, I cover the case for and against buying a cellular iPad vs a WiFi one, the best sources for Apple news (reporting), whether the newest Apple Pencil is worth it and which one you should buy, my favorite and most used Apple Watch face, MindNode, Sling TV, Apple's Magic Mouse, remembering Casey Neistat's daily vlog and finally my coffee obsession!

Get Apple Products CHEAPER!

In this inaugural episode, Chris talks about getting Apple products for less money, whether or not you should install the Apple betas, whether going without a case on your iPhone is a status symbol, his favorite CarPlay apps, whether Audible is worth it, his tech EDC, an alternative to quitting social media, useful tech for your bathroom, his favorite types of iPads and advice for starting a tech channel on YouTube.

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