SPECIAL EPISODE: "OMG he's a creationist" - Thoughts On Life's Biggest Questions

Inspired by a couple of popular YouTubers who recently took to their own podcast to share about their worldview and a little about their own personal story — and because people are always asking (and making assumptions) about my worldview — I decided to record a special podcast episode talking about my own worldview and story. If this isn't your thing (or sounds boring) please feel free to skip this episode and catch up next week as we get back to business as usual (talking tech!). Otherwise, if you need a break from all the bad news lately and maybe wanna talk about some bigger, more important (and fun) issues, you're in the right place! We'll be exploring some big topics that might stretch your mind a little (like: why is there something rather than nothing?). Enjoy (and thanks for giving me a seat at the table in the free marketplace of ideas)!


0:21 - What is this special episode and why am I making it?

6:52 - What to expect from this episode (what's coming up)

8:09 - Part 1: Why is there something rather than nothing... and how did humans get here?

10:49 - Basic science really isn't hard to grasp

12:47 - The difference between "science" and "scientism"

13:37 - Is atheism incompatible with the scientific method?

16:11 - Darwinian evolution and the biology student

17:29 - Yale professors article: Giving Up Darwin (a mathematical challenge)

25:15 - Are scientists looking at alternatives to Darwinian evolution?

26:26 - Molecular biology and biochemistry: time is not on Darwin's side

31:01 - Darwinian evolution and the mousetrap problem (irreducible complexity)

32:32 - The amazing nanotechnology and molecular machines inside cells

33:33 - Darwin Devolves

34:56 - Biomimetics: how humans copy nature's designs

36:44 - Fine tuning vs the multiverse hypothesis

46:42 - Discussing The Cambrian Explosion and Darwin's Doubt

48:04 - Discussing the DNA enigma (specified functional information in DNA)

52:54 - Mind vs brain matter & the power to choose

58:01 - Recap of everything mentioned so far

59:15 - Nobody looks at Stonehenge and think "oh, that happened by accident"

1:00:12 - Greatest quote from Berlinski's The Devils Delusion

1:02:48 - Before origin of life, what about origin of matter?

1:05:39 - The Return Of The God Hypothesis (book)

1:08:13 - "Clever" little sayings and people who just don't want to believe

1:11:57 - Intelligent Design... unfairly dismissed in academia?

1:15:52 - Intermission: take a bathroom break, grab more snacks

1:16:08 - Part 2: My own story and experience...

1:38:42 - I'm the last person you need to preach to about Christian hypocrites

1:41:50 - Why Christianity? Aren't all religions basically the same?

1:46:03 - How could a good God allow for so much suffering?

1:50:58 - How can a rational person believe that miracles are real?

1:55:27 - Wait... atheists believe in a virgin birth too?!

1:58:04 - Can you — legitimately — trust the Bible and Gospels?

2:10:01 - How can I believe in a God that punishes people for all eternity?

2:14:33 - Can't pick a worldview by consensus...



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A few giants I'd like to thank for letting me stand on their shoulders: Martin Weber, Stephen C. Meyer, Ravi Zacharias, David Berlinski, Abdu Murray, Michael Behe, James Tour, John Lennox, Brant Pitre, Eric Metaxes, Justo Gonzalez, David Gelernter, Amy Orr-Ewing
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