My Favorite Apple Watch Band & More (Recorded on 16" MBP Mics!)

In this episode (which I recorded on the 16" MacBook Pro's internal "podcast quality" mics) I talk about my new favorite Apple Watch band, Google copying AirDrop, new Apple products that are supposedly right around the corner, skyrocketing iPad sales and MUCH more!

1:50 - My new (favorite) Apple Watch band
5:35 - New member of the DailyTekk team
7:31 - About that Apple Watch Pro review video...
11:54 - Google FINALLY copying AirDrop
14:09 - New Apple products coming soon
25:17 - iPad sales are skyrocketing
28:05 - Apple TV getting 11 new screensavers... why not the Mac?!!!
31:45 - Some comments on the HomePod
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