My AirPods Pro Broke...

So much to talk about. The theme song is back (shout out Tray Little). This one's a wide ranging episode from talking about my new shoes to the latest Apple news and what happened to my AirPods Pro (insert sad face emoji here).

The 16" MacBook Pro mic experiment is over... - 1:46
I'm getting new shoes - 2:53
Talking about my camera setup - 6:05
About my "free stuff Apple gives away" video - 11:07
My upcoming Apple focused EDC video - 15:09
My recent obsession with the Notion notes app - 16:20
My AirPods Pro are broken - 20:15
Apple introducing universal app purchases - 23:43
In app purchases coming to Apple Watch? - 26:18
Apple's new CarKey feature - 29:33
Apple will send someone to your house to fix stuff - 34:11
Elon Musk doesn't care if you graduated high school - 38:17

Shout out to Tray Little for the theme song! 
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