iPhone SE 2 Coming Soon, New iMac Design (Finally), Backlit iPad Keyboard & More!

Wow, I packed a lot of Apple news into this episode! From Siri becoming your smart chauffeur to Apple's new Apple Watch gym partnership to a new iPhone Pro color rumored to be coming and LOT'S more, this is a fun episode...

iMac patent - https://apple.news/AZB7BqBH0Sam7Jf3hEgM2QA
1:54 - Radical new iMac redesign could be on the way
6:08 - Will Siri be your personal chauffeur?
12:09 - Wait... Apple TV+ is beating Hulu and Disney+?
14:40 - Apple partnering with gyms for better Apple Watch experience
17:48 - Whoa! The iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone 9) is right around the corner!
22:21 - New iPad keyboard with backlighting and scissor switches coming!
27:57 - New iPhone Pro color?!
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