Get Apple Products CHEAPER!

In this inaugural episode, Chris talks about getting Apple products for less money, whether or not you should install the Apple betas, whether going without a case on your iPhone is a status symbol, his favorite CarPlay apps, whether Audible is worth it, his tech EDC, an alternative to quitting social media, useful tech for your bathroom, his favorite types of iPads and advice for starting a tech channel on YouTube.

Topic 1: 
Getting Apple Products Cheaper!
Starts: 1:26
  • Apple Refurbished Products Site:
  • Refurb Tracker:
  • MacRumors Apple Deals Tracker:
  • Slickdeals Apple Search:
  • Apple Trade-In Site:
  • Apple Small Business Leasing:
Also make sure to check the latest deals in electronics and computers at Amazon:

Topic 2: 
Should You Install Apple Betas?
Starts: 17:30
  • Ulysses Apple Betas Blog Post:

Topic 3: 
Caseless iPhones As Status Symbols
Starts: 25:41
  • The Case For Caseless iPhones:

Topic 4: 
My Favorite CarPlay Apps
Starts: 30:41
  • Apple Maps:
  • Apple Music:
  • Overcast (Podcasts):
  • Audible (Audio Books):

Topic 5: 
Is Audible Worth It?
Starts: 36:54
A few of recent favorite audiobooks:
  • The Devil’s Delusion
  • The Spy And The Traitor
  • The Storm Before The Storm
  • Bad Blood
  • Steve Martin: Born Standing Up
  • Has Christianity Failed You? 

Topic 6: 
My Tech EDC (Everyday Carry)
Starts: 43:06
  • iPhone:
  • Apple Watch:
  • AirPods:
  • KeySmart Keychain with Tile:
  • Wallet:
  • Sunglasses: Give me your suggestions!!
  • Peak Design 5L Sling:
  • Panasonic GH5:
  • Insta360 One X:
  • DJI Osmo Action:
  • DJI Osmo Pocket:

Topic 7: 
On Quitting Social Media (And Happiness)
Starts: 51:12
  • Casey Neistat video:
  • Matti Haapoja video:

Topic 8: 
Bathroom Tech I Can’t Live Without
Starts: 55:55
  • Withings Smart Scale:
  • Philips Electric Toothbrush:
  • WaterPik Water Flosser:
  • B&O Speaker:

Topic 9:
My Favorite Type Of iPad
Starts: 1:00:00
  • iPad:
  • iPad Air:
  • iPad Mini:
  • iPad Pro:

Topic 10:
Advice: Starting A Tech YouTube Channel
Starts: 104:04
  • Gary Vaynerchuck:
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