A $399 iPhone With The Guts Of The iPhone 11?!

So people have been waiting for a true successor to the iPhone SE since forever and... it finally landed. We'll talk about it in this episode along with some new cold brew coffee I found, a cool new feature in the new MacOS beta, Apple's long-term outlook, some HomePod news and LOTS more!

0:34 - Discussing the latest iPad Pro apps vid
2:24 - I found a new cold brew coffee I LOVE (Wandering Bear)
3:19 - The big news of the week: new iPhone SE
7:26 - A new Apple TV+ show I might actually be interested in
9:09 - Things with wheels that are cheaper than the Mac Pro's wheels
11:02 - New Mac beta power saving mode
12:07 - How Apple will fare after this pandemic is over
17:17 - MindNode got a great update
19:06 - What the new iPad Pro's LiDAR sensor can and can't do
21:30 - So Google's copying Apple and making it's own phone chips
24:10 - Some interesting HomePod news
27:45 - Talking about Today At Apple At Home content
29:24 - New APPLEHYPE features are coming...
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