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I Want A Tesla, But I Don't Cause...

0:49 - I'm making a public Apple Music playlist... 2:56 - My Sliced Apple update 6:38 - How coming up with 10 video ideas daily has changed EVERYTHING 11:29 - I'm curious about the Galaxy S20... 17:37 - Starting to think about an electric vehicle 20:20 - Tech induced FOMO 23:24 - Subscription car services? 28:26 - Coronaviras might change Apple's iPad Pro plans... 34:08 - Pandora's new Apple Watch app... 36:26 - Wait, do I want a Peloton? 38:26 - A cool new Apple Pencil patent (I'll keep it brief) 40:08 - Apple to allow third party apps to replace defaults on iOS

My AirPods Pro Broke...

So much to talk about. The theme song is back (shout out Tray Little). This one's a wide ranging episode from talking about my new shoes to the latest Apple news and what happened to my AirPods Pro (insert sad face emoji here).

My Favorite Apple Watch Band & More (Recorded on 16" MBP Mics!)

In this episode (which I recorded on the 16" MacBook Pro's internal "podcast quality" mics) I talk about my new favorite Apple Watch band, Google copying AirDrop, new Apple products that are supposedly right around the corner, skyrocketing iPad sales and MUCH more!

iPhone SE 2 Coming Soon, New iMac Design (Finally), Backlit iPad Keyboard & More!

Wow, I packed a lot of Apple news into this episode! From Siri becoming your smart chauffeur to Apple's new Apple Watch gym partnership to a new iPhone Pro color rumored to be coming and LOT'S more, this is a fun episode...

"Pro Mode" Coming To Macs, Dedicated Gaming Mac Rumor, Vertical TVs & More

I'm back! I know it's been several weeks, but The AfterParty returns in full force starting NOW! In this episode: Apple stuff, a channel update and some BTS info!

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